This weekend I spoke at the New Liberty congregation in what was, as far as I can remember(!), my last speaking engagement for the year. Every summer is a busy one, with camp, the Gospel Crusade, various VBS’, our own VBS, summer series’ and more going on. It can take it’s toll and wear you down.

Yesterday I spent the whole evening at home. The kids were playing, the wife was bouncing the baby and I was just at home…with nothing to prepare for, nowhere to be. It felt weird!

Next week school begins and soon after that comes football season, which always moves the Autumn season along quickly. Then there’s Thanksgiving, then we deck the halls and have our annual Christmas movie countdown. Then before you know it, it’ll be 2016 and the whole year starts over.

Time moves fast when you have a lot going on. I have to remind myself to pause every now and then and be thankful for the moment that I’m in, and not think so much about a tomorrow that may never come.

Let’s all take a moment to consider the moment, and make sure our lives are right with God, right now.