confidingYesterday evening I spoke at the New Liberty congregation, near my hometown of Cleveland, Ar. Among the people in attendance was one of my high school teachers, Mrs. Freeman. She was a regular substitute and her husband served as the Agriculture teacher for decades. A few months after becoming a Christian (over summer break) I sat in my German Language class bored out of my mind. Mrs. Freeman was subbing and I was having none of German. I took a chance and asked her if I could read move to the back corner of the room and study my Bible. She was more than happy to let me, and who know how many school regulations she broke in so doing.

Not longer after I discovered she was not just my teacher, but also was my sister in Christ. From then on she was a wonderful source of encouragement to me; something I’ll never forget.

I have always had this idea that when I get to Heaven, I’m going to find all the people who helped me to obey the Gospel, helped me on my Christian walk, and helped me learn to preach, and I would take them one by one to my Master and introduce them: “This is the guy who taught me how to become a Christian…this is the guy who gave me a pep talk when I was getting discouraged” etc.

One of those people is Mrs. Freeman. There are many others. One of them I get to preach to every Sunday. Others I see all the time; they’re mentors, heroes and friends that I still rely on. I can’t wait to tell Jesus all about the things they’ve done for me (though of course He already knows).

Now I turn to YOU: Now it’s up to you to find someone to influence for Christ. Find someone to reach out to and help on their spiritual walk. Someday, it might be YOU being led by the hand to stand next to Jesus and to a brother or sister in Christ you helped introduce to Him.

Who can you help? Find them today!