(April 24th) D’ja ever forget? Happened to me

I had the devo for Monday ready to go. It was written and set to be published. But somehow I forgot to log-in and post it.

Pobody’s nerfect.

We all forget. We all lose track of time. We all take on too much and let some things slip from our mind.

All of us…except the Almighty.

He never forgets; His memory is perfect. He never loses track of time; He’s not limited to time. He never lets things slip from His mind; His mind is infinite…

After saving Noah from the Flood, God pointed to the rainbow and said it would serve as a memorial that He would never destroy the world with a flood again (Genesis 9:15). A long time has passed, and waters have risen and failed across the world, but never has a global catastrophe like the Genesis flood happened since then. He hasn’t forgotten His promise. God will never let it slip from His mind.

David’s beautiful 25th Psalm pleads for God to “remember” to be merciful to him (Psalm 25:6). There’s no danger of that; His memory is perfect. He will not forget who His children are. Jeremiah predicted that God’s people would be saved under a new covenant and that, through it, the Lord would “remember their sins no more” (Jeremiah 31:34). Of course God doesn’t “forget” the way we do. Jeremiah is saying that the Lord will not hold us accountable of our past mistakes, if we submit to Him and are saved. He will not bring them back up (“remember” them) on the great day of our trial (Judgement). His memory is perfect, whether he’s using it or not!

Peter once wrote that the second coming of Christ will happen, and also that scoffers will mock that idea, saying that God has taken too long to return, and thus probably isn’t coming at all. The Apostle says “No. The Lord is not lazy. The Second Coming has not slipped from His mind”  (2 Peter 3:9). He’s not forgetful…just patient.

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