coltenJust yesterday I wrote a devotional about how the Lord may not come back for another 2,000 years but we may die tomorrow. Either way we need to be prepared for when the day comes.

And then I went home and got a phone call that one of the young men I go to camp with, a faithful Christian from a faithful Christian home, who worships with a faithful Christian church in Oppelo, was killed in a car accident.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the family of Colten Polk, to his wonderful parents Dena Kay and Clint, to all of his friends and family who miss him now and will continue to miss him until they are reunited with him again someday.

He was soon to graduate high school. He had plans, dreams, goals and hopes. He had, as the saying goes, his whole life ahead of him. And then his life was ended.

He rests now, in peace with His Lord in Paradise, because when the day came for him, he was ready.