open bibleI sometimes call myself a “restoration” preacher. What do I mean by that?

I mean my ministry and mission is to “restore” Christianity to the way it was in the first century.

Now having said that, I need to define my terms a bit. What I don’t mean is I want our worship and life to exactly mimic the way things were done back then. That would be a bit wrong-headed. We don’t have the same customs and traditions that the Christians of the first century church had. We don’t wear headcoverings or greet one another with a kiss, etc. So bringing those customs back is unnecessary.

What I mean is this: Christianity, as a concept, has become deformed over the centuries into a perverted state, one which does not reflect the way it was in the beginning. In that case, I think it is right and good to call for a “restoration” of “the way things were.” What I mean by “the way things were” is the New Testament pattern of worship and doctrine that the first Christians practiced and followed.

A simple study of history will show you how Christianity has changed over the years, and not for the better, and how it has devolved into a man-made, man-run, man-structured fiasco.

As a solution, I offer people the so-called “primitive Gospel” which was taught and believed in the Book of Acts.

Does that interest you?

If it does then I invite you to join us. We gather every Sunday, starting with Bible class at 10am and worship at 11am. We worship again at 6pm on Sundays as well. We also assemble at 7pm on Wednesday nights for additional Bible study.

Join us and let’s get back to the Bible (only), together!