Daily Devos

(July 10th) You can’t stop a gossip, but you can stop yourself

Gossip is an ugly thing.

It’s often excused and justified by the perpetrator as “just saying what I heard” as if defining Gossip without using the word “gossip” somehow excuses the action. Just saying what you heard is gossip! That’s the problem!

If you hear something about someone else you need […]

(July 9th) Saying goodbye isn’t getting any easier

We move out this Friday.

That’s a crazy thought. We’ve been in our house in Guy since early 2012 and before a few months ago there was never a thought in my head that we’d live anywhere else Nevertheless, here we are.

We’ve been saying a lot of goodbyes over the […]

(July 6th) This Sunday

I hope you’ll join us at the church of Christ in Guy this Sunday. Our morning sermon is entitled “Heaven’s Noun.” I could say more but that’d give away the whole sermon.

Sunday night we’re going to be discussing the idea of Jesus as “our Mediator.”

I hope to see you […]

(July 3rd) Independence from sin

Tomorrow, our nation will celebrate its 242th birthday. The fourth of July is observed as a national holiday for Americans to be reminded that we are a free people, having won our independence from the English Crown, and are able to control our own destiny in the world.

In […]

(July 2nd) Honor to whom honor is due

I’ve been packing my office and man do I have a lot of books. I also have a lot of CD’s and tapes, the latter of which I have no means to listen to. Who even has a tape player anymore? I’d honestly be afraid to play some of […]

(June 29th) This Sunday

Join us this Lord’s Day for worship with the church in Guy.

Our Sunday morning sermon is entitled “The Story of the Bible” and we’re going to be looking at the Book of Books from a big picture perspective.

Sunday night our sermon is “Celebration in Revelation,” in which we’ll discuss […]