There’s lots of options to choose from if all you’re interested in is finding a “different church.”

If you’re looking for somewhere different you don’t have to look far. If you’re looking for a place that will accommodate your every desire, satisfy your every craving and quench your every need, then you can probably find a “church” that is “for you.”

There’s even a “cowboy church” here in central Arkansas that is nothing more than “let’s play dress up while we sing hymns!” If that’s your thing, there’s a “church” for that.

For many people, the only standard they have is “well as long as they use the Bible I’m fine.” That leaves out the Muslims, the Jews and (depending on how you define “the Bible”) the Mormons and Jehovah’s Witnesses. But if that’s all you’re looking for, what are you left with? They may “use” the Bible, but do they use only the Bible? Have they added the doctrines and commandments of men to the Bible? If so then it’s not a Biblical church. It’s a church of men, not of God. It’s a church of the world, not a church of Christ.

There may be a Bible in that “church” but is “that church” in the Bible?

I want to belong to the group of Christians talked about in the Bible. As such, I want to do what they did. I want to believe what they believed. I want to teach what they taught. I want to worship as they worshiped. I don’t want or need all the doctrinal additions man has heaped onto God’s Word over the years and years. I just want the pure, simple, Bible.

There is a “church” in the Bible. That’s the one I belong to.

Do you?


The “Guy church of Christ” is, of course, not “in” the Bible. Our congregation first assembled in this town a hundred years ago or so. But the spiritual body–the church–to which the Christians who worship at Guy belong, is in the Bible. That is the “church” I’m talking about here. That is the body of saved people (church) that belong to (of) Jesus (Christ). I belong to the church of Christ. I worship with others (in addition to friends and family) who belong to that same spiritual body here in Guy, Arkansas. Thus we call ourselves “the church of Christ, in Guy Arkansas,” or just “Guy church of Christ” for short.