One thing I used to love saying was that Lauren and I have had three sons; one at each of our three preaching stops.

I preached for the Forest Hill congregation in Memphis, and we were blessed with our first son, Jack. Then we moved to Higden and soon after Caleb joined the fun.

Time passed. We left Higden to begin the work here at Guy and even though I was satisfied with our two, Lauren was itching for another. Caleb was too, because he prayed and prayed for a baby brother.

A few years later, Joshua came into our lives.

We all thought we were done. Lauren was satisfied. I was satisfied. Everyone was happy. No more kids, right?!

Caleb apparently wasn’t done. Caleb apparently wasn’t satisfied. He kept praying, unbeknownst to us or we would have put a stop to it! And now here we are and baby #4 is on the way.

I come from a family with four siblings. In fact, much like it will be in our home, I have two much older siblings and one that is close to my age. Jack and Caleb are now going to be the “two older ones” and Joshua and {mystery baby, name TBA} will be the “two younger ones.”

But hey, I turned out alright…right?

Prayers would be appreciated!

I kid and I kid, but really this is a blessing. In the modern world it’s frowned upon to have a lot of kids, but David says that the man who has many children is a very blessed man (Psalm 127). I don’t really care what the modern world thinks. We have a loving, Christian home that we will raise four loving, Christian children in. That’s a blessing to the world.

But still…prayers!