I am so excited to preach this series that we’re starting on Sunday.

We’re going to be looking at four of the most important holidays on the Jewish calendar (three of them were instituted in the Law, and one came later but was still important to the people, including Jesus):

Passover – Salvation
Pentecost – The Law
Booths – Going Home
Hanukkah – The Eternal Light

I hope all of the sermons are good and I hope they do their job. I’ll tell you there’s one in particular that I am most excited about, and that’s the third one – two weeks from Sunday — when we consider the Feast of Booths (which was the Jewish celebration of their wandering in the wilderness and of God’s leading them to the Promised Land). I really can’t wait to give you the New Testament application for that (and really it’s Jesus Himself will make the application).

But I think the other sermons are going to be great too, starting with this Sunday’s. We’re going to be studying the first holiday of the Jewish year, the beginning of the Jewish calendar, the Passover festival.

It commemorates their deliverance from bondage and of the cost of blood and death it took to make it possible. There’s a great New Testament application to make from it, and we’ll make it this coming Lord’s day, 11am.

Also I’m filling in for Jesse and I’ll be teaching his class on Sunday morning at 10am. We’re going to be looking at some common questions that we are sometimes asked by friends, acquaintances and co-workers and what the Biblical answers should be.

Sunday evening, I hope you’ll join us at 6pm for the continuation of our sermon series from Proverbs. We’re going to be looking at “two invitations.”

See you then!