I was on my way to the barber shop (for my wife, obviously, as I did not need a polishing that day) when I came up on this church building with an unusual banner hanging out in front. Immediately I grabbed my camera and snapped a picture, thinking to myself “Self…you can use this.”

If you can’t make it out, it’s a sign that has in red letters “SOLD-OUT CHURCH” (you may have to click on the image to enhance it).

Personally I want to be a part of a church that has a lot of positive descriptions…

I want to be part of an all-in church.

I want to be part of a welcoming church.

I want to be part of a Truth-telling church.

I want to be part of a Jesus-centered church.

But I can’t say that I want to be part of a church that has sold out. You know what it means to be a sell-out? It means we’ve compromised. It means we’ve given in. It means we’ve been worn down and defeated and we’re waving the white flag. It means the pressures and temptations to conform to the world have been so great that we say “Alright Satan, you win: I’ll take what you’re selling.”

I don’t want us to sell out.

I want us to take the free gift of salvation that is given to us. I want us, having taken that free gift, to then work (not for hire, but as humble servants) to better ourselves and those around us. I want us give all we’ve got, not expecting anything in return because we are slaves to the Master (Luke 17:10).

And when we do that, we will receive a reward undeserved and unearned. We will receive a reward far greater than anything the devil can even lie to promise us.

Heaven forever, in glory with Him.