First of all PRAY for several of our young members that are traveling to Hendersonville, TN.

They will be arriving late tonight at Freed-Hardemann University to enjoy the RUSH Christian youth retreat.

Whenever our young people go too far away we can’t help but worry, so direct that worry to God and pray that they have a safe trip there and back in a couple days.


Second, PRAY that we have a big crowd on hand this Sunday. Why? What’s the occasion? It’s Sunday; that’s the occasion! So pray that many souls are present to hear the Gospel preached and to join voices in singing.

Also, PRAY that someone, this weekend, hears the Gospel with a soft heart and is moved to obey. How many people do you know who need to come to Jesus? Pray pray pray that they do.

You may never know the power your prayer has, but you can know it has power, but only if you use it.

Pray and pray and pray!