Don’t forget, when you go to bed on Saturday night, to wind your clocks back an hour.

…I’m laughing at what I just typed. I mean, who has a clock that is “wound” anymore? Most of us have phones that automatically change for us. So I don’t know who I’m talking to, but if you’re out there and you still have a wind-up clock, crank it back m’kay?

Also this weekend is Halloween, so our prayers go out on behalf of the young people who will be trick-or-treating, that they stay safe. Prayers also for the parents because parents need all the prayers we can get anyway.

This Lord’s day brings us the start of a new month as we inch closer to the end of 2015. Don’t wait two months until January to make a resolution; if you’re heart and mind is not where it needs to be, make a change today. If you’ve not been faithful like you should, don’t fall back, come back, and be restored to the Lord who loves you.

This Sunday morning our sermon is a study of one chapter in the book of Acts, but it’s a chapter loaded with great lessons to learn. Join us, and then come back on Sunday night as we finish our series on “dangerous ism’s.” We’re going to be looking at the dangers of “liberalism” and “legalism.”

Hope to see you then!