joshua-brotherMy wife and I found out last Monday morning that we had suffered a miscarriage and lost our expectant child. What followed was an emotionally draining and challenging week; one of the hardest I can ever recall.

It wasn’t until mid-way through Tuesday (or maybe Wednesday) that I even noticed that I had neglected to write a daily devotional. Since starting this site a few years ago I don’t think I had ever been so negligent with the daily update.

My apologies to those who read it!


I’m thankful to so many brethren, friends and family who extended condolences and well-wishes to our family. There are no “bright sides” or “on the other hands” in a situation like this, but it was a great source of encouragement to be reminded that so many people love us and were willing to check on us, feed us, and especially pray for us.

Life starts over today. I worked today; that’s a change. Tomorrow I will work again, Lord willing, and every day it will get easier. What happened to our family has happened to so many (and many have spoken to us since we announced it) and the most common thing I’ve heard or read is that it will occasionally hurt, but especially it will in the months during what would have been the pregnancy. This will hurt until May.

After that, it will still hurt, but with the Lord’s grace, perhaps not very often.

Thank you again for all your kindness. Tomorrow I will have something “devotional” to share.

God bless,