Now I freely admit I was never the best with the ladies. I was stunningly handsome as a young man but also terribly shy and awkward, and those two deficiencies were too much for the cute girls in High School to get past. Barely. They barely couldn’t get past it.

I was adorable. It was too much to bear.

I said that to be funny say this, there are some ladies you would do well to avoid, even if they showed you a little attention.

These are six twisted sisters that everyone needs to shun. Why? Becuase they take what is true and twist it into a fiction.

Who are they?

Miss Information – She has her facts wrong but that doesn’t stop her from saying what she thinks she knows.

Miss Quotation – She heard it straight from the horses mouth, but she might not remember it exactly. She’ll tell it like she remembers it, even if that’s not entirely accurate.

Miss Representation – She heard it from Jenny who heard it from Billy who heard it from Sue who heard it from George that so and so was doing this and that and so on. Someone where in all of that is truth, but the odds of this lady having it are slim to none.

Miss Construction – She knows the truth but she can’t help but spice it up a bit. After all, the juicer the story the more popular the story teller.

Miss Interpretation – She’ll tell you what she’s heard, but it’ll be slanted and biased, will all the emphasis put on the wrong places. You’re get the truth, but it’ll be so distorted it might as well not be truth.

And finally…

Miss Understanding – She’s the one who pops up after one of the previous ones have had their fun. Someone gets their feelings hurt because one of those ladies talked when they shouldn’t have, so this lady appears just to say “sorry if I offended you” or “sorry if you’re upset” which is about as far from an actual apology as you can get.


Now don’t think I’m just picking on one gender over the other. Both the pink team and the blue team are guilty of letting their inner-Miss run wild.

We should all be careful to guard our tongues, and leave the story telling to bed time tales for kids.