(November 9th) on God and gods

Why would anybody waste their time on an idol?

If you want a little-g god what do you have to do? You have to grab your ax and chop down a tree. You have to cut a big chunk of lumber to work with. You have to carve that lumber into the image of your idol. You have to polish it. You have to sand it. You have to overlay it with gold or silver or whatever precious metal you can afford. You have to you put it on a mantle.

You’re doing all the work…and for what? What are you getting in return?

When you pray the idol can’t hear you. When you mourn the idol can’t see you. When you serve the idol can’t bless you. It’s just a hunk of wood. You made it.

Shouldn’t that make you the god?

I serve a God who made me. He did all the work, and so I give Him all that He’s owed.

And that’s “all.”

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