(November 14th) Five Reasons to Be Thankful [part two]

As we continue our countdown to Thanksgiving, I’m reminded of something else to be thankful for.

I am thankful to belong to a supportive church.

Both universally as well as locally I am daily reminded of the importance of belonging to a strong Christian family. I have friends who are brethren that live on the other side of the planet, some of whom I have never personally met but know and talk to via the internet.

I know, though I’ve never shaken their hands, that should I ever find myself in their neighborhood I will have a place to pillow my head and eat a hot meal. They know, should they ever make their way to central Arkansas, that they are always welcome in my home too.

Locally, I belong to a wonderful congregation of Christians. The brethren at Guy are loving, compassionate, Bible-craving, Christ-emulating, God-fearing people. They serve, they help, they pray and they support. I don’t know where I’d be without them, or without the brethren from Higden and Forest Hill, where I preached previously.

What a blessing it is to have Christians around us!

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