I’m thankful the gift of singing.

I am not a skilled singer. I do my best, and I lead singing on occasion, purely in order to lead by example.

I will ask nervous members to preach a short sermon on occasion, though that may not be their skillset, and just to show my commitment to them, I lead singing which is not my skillset.

But regardless of my talent (or lack thereof), I love singing. I love hearing the melody of Christian voices as their raise their sounds to the ears of God. There are few things better than a congregation of loving brethren singing their hearts out.

There is also nothing more disheartening than looking around and seeing sleepy-eyed brethren half-heartedly going through the motions, mumbling through a hymn. We need to be singing like we love it. Because if we can’t love it now, what do we think Heaven will be like? There’s no lackadaisical singing in the Great Tomorrow.

The next time you sing, close your eyes and imagine you are standing before the throne of God in Heaven. How would you sing then? Sing like that now!