Guy11I’m thankful for my work at Guy.

I’m about to wrap up my fourth year here and I can’t imagine a better four years. Souls have been added to the kingdom, restored to faithfulness, and encouraged to give more of their lives to the Lord than ever before.

For me, the work is exactly the kind I imagined as a best case scenario when I first decided to give my life to this profession. I couldn’t be happier.

Are there problems? Of course! No work is perfect, and there are times I throw my hands up and almost give up all together. Sunday comes every week, non stop, every week, without fail, every week. It can be maddening. Sunday morning class, Sunday morning sermon, every week. Add to that Wednesday night classes, Sunday night series’, and all of the other things that are a weekly occurrence, and it can wear you down. But I wouldn’t have it any other way or any other place.

Thank God for His church which meets at Guy!