I saw a really good “church sign” the other day (we preachers just love our witty church signs). It said:

If you think meekness is weakness try being meek for a week!


Most people look at meekness as a detriment. They see it as “someone who rolls over and takes their abuse without fighting back.” And that’s…kind of the point! Jesus doesn’t call us to retaliate; He calls us to submit and trust in His judgment against the wicked. In the meantime we are to turn the other cheek and love our enemy.

Meekness isn’t weakness. Meekness is restraint. You know who was meek? Jesus was meek. He had the power to destroy the world, but He willingly submitted to the cross and all the horror that came with that. If you think Jesus was weak you don’t even understand the word.

Don’t be a tough guy. Meek a meek (wo)man.