Everyone’s rejoicing. God is smiling, the angels are singing and family and friends are celebrating: Hunter Williams was baptized into Christ yesterday evening after Wednesday night Bible Study. He had known what he needed to do for a while now, but delayed because he worried he didn’t know enough. He did and we rejoice that he stepped out and gave His life to Christ.

So, if you’re keeping count just for fun, that makes three baptisms these past three weeks, one after each mid-week Bible class. There’s something special happening here at Guy. You can just feel it.

And you can help keep it going too. Invite a friend, talk to a family member, encourage a loved one. Bring someone to Christ. You might think “I don’t know enough to teach them” or “they will just say no to coming to church” etc. But you never know till you try, and none of us have all the answers.

What we have is a commitment to the Book and a willingness to read it, study it and obey it.

Honest hearts that do just that find the Lord, every single time.