The Devil offers us so much. It’s all hollow, worthless, empty and fruitless but still he offers it.

And because he’s such a skillful deceiver, many buy the snake oil he peddles and throw their souls away. It can be hard sometimes to know the difference between what is good for us, and what only looks good.

Here’s a simple thing to remember: If what your offered pulls you away from Christ, you don’t need it. No matter how good it may seem, no matter what temporary benefits it may offer; you don’t need it.

Repeat after me:


Now you take that phrase and you really live by it and you’ll be able to see right through the devil’s lies.

Jesus is irreplaceable. Whatever the Devil can offer you is of the world. That means it has not only has a shelf life and an expiration date, it means it also has a thousand more duplicates just like it.

The Devil offers you a nice and fancy job! The only catch is you’ll have to stop assembling with the saints on the Lord’s Day. No: Jobs are a dime a dozen.

The Devil offers you a nice and handsome boyfriend (or girlfriend)? The only catch is they only get one day off a week (guess which one it is!) and they want to spend time with you….at the park. Or watching TV. Or wherever, just not in worship. Any so-called loved one that makes you choose between Jesus and them is no loved one at all. Pretty faces are a dime a dozen too.

The only truly irreplaceable thing out there, is Jesus Christ. Listen to Paul:

For if we sin wilfully after that we have received the knowledge of the truth, there remaineth no more sacrifice for sins,

Hebrews 10:26

Paul’s point is, if you reject Jesus, there isn’t going to be another Jesus coming down the road. There’s not going to be another sacrifice for sins, or another Lord who will come along and save you and say “don’t worry about being faithful, I don’t care about that stuff like the first Jesus did!”

You only get one Jesus.

Thankfully He’s all you’ll ever need. Why would you ever part with Him? If you’re tempted who else would you turn to? HeĀ  gives strength to endure and forgiveness when we stumble.

Think about that: Your whole life before you were saved could be boiled down to one idea: you sinned against God. In that case you have only one option if you want to avoid Hell: You need Jesus. And now that you’re a Christian your whole life can be boiled down to another idea: You are going to be daily tempted to give up on Christ. The only hope you have to endure and not give up is Jesus. And the only hope you have for forgiveness when you do give up…is also Jesus.

Where does the Devil factor into that? You don’t need him! He can’t help you.

Jesus is all the world to me. He’s all I’ll ever need.

What about you?