(March 5th) How would you rate your church’s service?

It used to be, you’d go to a restaurant or a business and the company would ask you to leave feedback on your experience. Sometimes it was a comment card left with the receipt, or a survey to fill out and leave with the receptionist. The point is you could fill it out and anonymously provide feedback in order to help the company improve.

Today you can just put “two stars” on Facebook, or “thumbs down” on Netflix and let that summarize the entirety of your experience with the product. No feedback, no constructive criticism, no help of any kind. It’s not a system meant to encourage improvement; it’s designed for people who can’t be pleased to tell everyone else how displeased they are. You see what’s changed? It’s not about privately telling the company “try doing _____ instead” it’s about publicly telling everyone else “I didn’t like that they didn’t do _____!”

So…how would you rate your church’s service?

Are you taught the Bible?

Are you made aware of the love of God and grace of Christ?

Are you motivated by your brothers and sisters?

Are you prayed for and encouraged to pray for others, building a family bond that we’re supposed to have in Christ?

Are you sung to, and do you sing to your brethren, to edify and teach each other lyrically?

If you’re inclined to answer “no” to any of those, WAIT: Before you hit that thumbs-down, or leave that low-star review, ask YOURSELF…

Am I entering the Bible study with an open heart and mind? Am I even showing up to Bible study?

Am I reflecting the love of Christ in my life?

Am I a positive person that people want to be around?

Am I looking after the needs of my church family?

Am I lifting my voice in song, praising my Lord and teaching my brethren, or just sitting like a stump waiting for the hour to end?

It could be your congregation is doing everything wrong…or maybe it’s that pretty face you see in the mirror every day!

To the person who says “I’m not getting anything out of going to church!” I would say “What are you giving? What are you putting in?” And I don’t (just) mean money (although “where your treasure is, there will you heart be also”).

“Plant a little, get a little” is a good concept to remember.

Put very little into worship and you’ll get very little out of it.

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