Right now, in our Wednesday night class we’re deep into a study of Romans.

Tonight I will be gone to Center Ridge to speak in their Gospel Meeting, but when I return next Wednesday we will begin a study of Romans chapter 13.

After Romans is finished, Lord willing we will begin a verse-by-verse examination of James, 1-2 Peter, 1-3 John and Jude. After that (around October or so) we will begin the book I am both excited about and very nervous to teach: The Gospel of John.

Lord willing in two weeks I will begin, as I do with all of our verse-by-verse classes, prepping the material that I will use for our study. By the time October rolls around I hope to be about seventeen chapters into the study of John. When we start Romans 13 next week it will be a class that I began prepping for in the middle of last year.

I say all that to say this: A lot of time and effort goes into our Wednesday night class. Not only the adult class, but our Teen class that Jesse teaches, is done with great preparation on his part, as is the case with all of our kids’ classes: Those teachers put in tremendous work (taken from their free time) in order to ensure the kids who are in those classes get the best Biblical education they possibly can.

I don’t know what your schedule is on Wednesday nights. I know everyone is busy busy, especially in these final months before school lets out. But there’s always something to be be busy with. I’m asking you to take the time–try to find ways to make the time–to give Wednesday night’s over to the Lord in Bible study. I say it every week “You won’t regret it” but I say that because it’s true! I’ve been going to Wednesday night Bible studies for fifteen years, every Wednesday night, never missing a Wednesday night unless I was simply physically unable to go. Fifteen years of Wednesday night Bible studies equals about 780 times I gathered with my church family, at multiple congregations, at the feet of multiple Bible teachers. And I’ve never walked out of a Wednesday night service where I thought “I could have spent my time doing_____ instead.”

So if you’re one of those members who I see on Sunday morning but I pray for your absence on Wednesday night, why not join us for Bible study?

You won’t regret it!