In Jesus’ day, there was no television, no radio, no movie theaters or board games. People read, but books weren’t as prevalent in society as they are today.

In a religion-based culture like Israel’s the common thing to do was to dwell on matters of spirituality. Rabbis and teachers would have students and listeners gathered around them while they taught from their knowledge of God and His Word.

People were not bored by this. People were not annoyed by this. People did not think it inappropriate for public discourse. People did not mind listening to a learned man talk about God and His Word.

When Jesus came along He too attracted many followers and listeners. People would gather at His feet to hear Him expound on God’s Will for humanity and those who took His words to heart saw their lives changed for the better.

Today, 2000 years later, our culture is not so religiously-minded. It is not common place to sit at the feet of Bible teachers and listen to them elaborate on the Word of God. So when the opportunity arises, it is a rare one indeed.

Yesterday I loaded my kids and wife up and drove three hours to Memphis, and then five hours later, loaded the family up and drove three hours back home. We got back at about 1am, dog tired and carrying our sleeping children to bed. What would possess us to take a six-hour round trip just to stay in the city for only five hours?

I got to hear Dan Winkler preach the Gospel.

If you don’t know Dan Winkler you don’t know the greatest living preacher and Bible teacher (Freed-Hardeman University). Sporting a grey beard that makes him look like a Jedi Master, and a meek and gentle disposition, Dan Winkler is the consummate Gospel Preacher. Every sermon is delivered from hours and weeks of preparation, with the Word itself being spotlighted and presented in such a way that you feel like you’re learning the Old Book for the first time. He loves the Truth, loves preaching it, and loves the Subject of it (Jesus Christ the King). He is a truly masterful presenter of God’s Word and I would have driven twice as long to hear him preach it.

We need a greater commitment to great Gospel preaching in this world. And the only way that’s going to happen is if God’s people lead the way. This summer’s VBS and Gospel Meeting season is about to start and you can be sure there will be many opportunities to hear great Gospel preachers in our area. I hope you will make the time to come to those events; I’ll be sure to tell you about them. There’s no better way to spend your time than studying God’s Word at the feet of a brilliant teacher.