For everyone now, school is out and summer (though it’s still technically a few weeks away) has begun. Our prayer is that children everywhere enjoy themselves, unwind from the stresses of school and stay safe as they occupy their new-found free time. As most people from our community in Guy are aware, we had a young man who just finished the 10th grade die tragically and suddenly in an automobile-related accident last week. It’s never easy to lose someone, or to lose someone in such a fashion, but it’s especially difficult when the deceased is still a child.

This is going to be a trying time for the family and friends of Hunter Squires. Please pray for them. Remember in particular to pray for his peers and friends, many of whom are experiencing this kind of death for the first time now. There’s a big difference in losing someone elderly and losing someone as young as you are. It’s a shock to the system and can be hard to comprehend. And because these are young people, they’re not going to know by experience how to deal with a situation like this. Be patient with them, be compassionate toward them, and let them grieve in their own way in their own time.

Next week young people from all over will congregate at Camp Areopagus for a week of Bible study, fellowship and an escape from the hardships of the world. It will be a needed time away from the pressures and struggles that seem to follow us wherever we go as we walk the Devil’s Domain. Soon after that, Vacation Bible Schools will be popping up all around the central-Arkansas area, and as always our church van will be ready to take kids wherever they want to go. Our own VBS will be the last week of June (Sunday the 25th and 10am and 6pm, and Monday-Wednesday at 7pm) and we hope to see you all then.

I hope our young people enjoy their summer, but I hope they enjoy it as Christians, and as much as possible I hope they enjoy it with Christians.

God bless.