This Sunday we will begin a four part series devoted to all things “the home.” We will look at the husband/wife relationship, the role of mothers and fathers, the kind of marriage God desires, and finally the idea that the home is a type of the greater spiritual family of the church.

Up first, this Sunday, we will be looking at husbands and wives, and what can be done to strengthen the bond between them, how each can grow in the role God has for them to fulfill in the home, and some practical observations (that I will make from my soon-to-be ten years worth of married experience!). I hope it will be enriching and encouraging, maybe a little rebuking and at times deprecating (and certainly SELF-deprecating), but always with God’s Word as the authority.

There will be a few times when we can laugh at ourselves, times when we will think back and wish we’d handled something better with our spouses, and times when we will thank God that someone out there is willing to put up with us.

If you are married, getting married, hoping to get married, or thinking about being married sometime to someone, I hope to see you Sunday!