So it’s 10:09pm and I’m finally sitting down to write today’s daily devo. It’s been a crazy day.

We finally were released from the hospital and brought Joshua to his home for the first time. Side note: I was informed that the hospital would not release Joshua to us until he had passed a few tests. Our own child. Held in custody by the hospital.


Anyway, it’s been a hustle and bustle day and to be honest I just never got around to the daily devo (until now).

It makes me appreciate my Father in Heaven who has billions more lives to dwell on, care for, listen to and comfort (and rebuke, when necessary). Yet He never becomes absent-minded. He never just up and forgets to do something. He never leaves one of his children unattended. In fact he knows everything going on with every child to such an extent that he can tell you how many hairs are on your head at any given moment.

For some of us that’s not a big accomplishment, but for the more follicly-inclined, that’s amazing.

So while I unwind from a busy day, pillow my head and reflect on all the things I had planned to do but never got around to, I will take comfort in knowing that the Father of my soul is always on top of things and never misses a beat.