Tomorrow, Lord willing, Joshua Aaron Martin will be born. Debate rages on what his birth weight will be (my money is on 8lbs, 1oz), and of course prayers are asked for concerning the surgery (Lauren will have a C-section, due to the position of the baby in the womb). There’s always the wonder and the questions that come this late in the game: Will he look like me? Like her? Like the milk man? Will he have brown hair or blonde, blue eyes or green, etc?

One thing we have no doubt about, however, is what kind of home he will come into. He will enter a Christian home, with a Christian dad and mom and God-loving children as older brothers.

Today we are a family of five. Tomorrow, we add our sixth member and I know that each of us will do our best to make Joshua the best young man he can be…

1) I will raise him as best as I can, the way God wants godly fathers to raise their children.

2) Lauren will raise him, to the best of her ability, the way she has the other two boys: As a patient, loving and care-filled mom as God desires.

3) Jack will be the big older brother who looks out for him and shows him right from wrong from a child’s perspective.

4) Caleb, I suspect, will baby him, tattle on him, and be the good big helper to his mom that he loves to be.

As for the current fifth member of our family, I have no doubt:

5) God in Heaven will watch over us, bless us, comfort us, and guide us as parents and children.

Tomorrow we welcome #6.

Let’s do this.