It was a great week at camp. It was very hot and very tiring but it was a wonderful week. You can’t complain about little things when the big thing was so great.

Camp is the highlight of the year for me. It’s nothing but being away from the world, surrounded by Christians, spending all day singing, studying, praying and fellowshipping with God’s people. It’s the closest thing to Heaven there is on earth (except for the heat!).

The highlight of the week, though, was one of the ten baptisms we had. I had the honor of baptizing Chyanne Parker into Christ. I’ve known her since I came to Guy several years ago and I’ve watched her grow into a sweet and kind-hearted young lady. She’s known what she’s needed to do for a while now and finally at camp she made the decision to put Christ on in baptism. I couldn’t be happier for her.

Watch it here!

God bless all of those who have entered the kingdom of Christ and had their sins washed away.

Here’s to next year!