Today, ten years ago, I married the girl of my dreams. We met in the fall of 2003, got engaged in the spring of 2004, and we married in the summer of 2005. In the ten years since then, we’ve added Jack in 2006, Caleb in 2009, and (next week) Joshua in 2015. We’ve moved from Memphis, TN, to Higden, AR, to our hopefully-forever home in Guy. I’ve gone from being an associate who preached once a month, to a preacher who preached most of the time to a preacher who preaches all of the time and twice on Sundays. She’s gone from a stay-at-home mom, to a working mom with kids in school, to a mom who works from home while taking care of the baby.

So much has changed but our love for each other has not. Our need for each other has not. And our understanding that we are each other’s “second best” has not.

We both know that our primary, most important job is not to give each other the best lives possible; it’s to help each other (and our children) get to Heaven. We’ve put in ten years of work, but we have (hopefully, possibly) another forty or so to go.

And then: Eternity.