Today we gathered around the fire ring (where there is not fire…just a big pole) to sing sleepy songs to each other at the beginning of our final full day of camp. Lots of activities await us today as we get ready for the always-crazy “last night” of camp.

Also thanks for everyone who offered prayers for my knee surgery. According to the surgeon it was a success. They cut the tumor off and sent it to “the lab” (pictured here) to confirm that it’s not cancerous (we don’t expect it to be). Right now it’s wrapped up tighter than is comfortable but tomorrow I should be able to take it off and assess the wicked cool stitches I have. They say I can walk and they are right, but they didn’t tell me how much it would hurt. Much Aleve has been consumed.

I hope to see you all Sunday for the final in our series on “HAVE YOU SEEN JESUS MY LORD.” It’s also Father’s Day, and the sermon will incorporate both themes into the material. Sunday night is Questions & Answers time, so be there or be square.

See you then