I like to have the daily devo published and shared online before 3pm.

It’s currently…..10:30pm.

So yeah…I’m a bit late.

But it’s just been a crazy day and we got back from VBS (our third different congregation we’ve been visiting to support their VBS, and we have two more to go!).

So you can make all the plans you want, but sometimes life happens and your plans go out the window.

What can you do? You can either flip out and fret and moan that all your plans are shot, or you roll with the punches and do your best.

When plans go awry it’s best to remember that you’re not in control anyway. God is in control. All we can do is serve Him faithfully. We can do the best we can, with what we have, where we are. There’s a reason Jesus taught us to recognize “God’s Will” when we pray, because if we don’t we make idols out of our plans. We create them, we admire them, we bow before them and rearrange our lives around them. Then when they tumble we become hopeless, helpless and lost.

The better thing to do is recognize God, trust Him, make our plans and say “Thy Will Be Done” (Luke 11:2).

Anything else is just a house built on sand.