open bible


Join us tonight at 7pm for the final (!) class in our verse-by-verse study of Romans.

If you can believe it we began this class almost exactly one year ago today (July 22nd, 2015). Sixteen chapters, some 415 verses down and we have just a few more to go before we’re done.

Tonight we’ll be done.

It’s been a rewarding and enriching study for me; I hope it has been for you as well. You can find the online classes on this website (click on the “study the Bible” tab on the top of the page, and follow the links to Romans (or any other Bible Book you want to study [that we’ve uploaded]) to catch up on any chapters you may have missed.

Lord willing, next week we will begin a study of James (and then the letters of Peter, John and Jude). That will take us to at least the end of the year. There are 433 verses in Romans and it took us 53 weeks to cover it all (including some Wednesdays where we didn’t have class for various reasons). So you might think that another 400-verse study (James-Jude) will take us close to a year to finish. I don’t think so becuase the study won’t be as deep as Romans was…but we’ll see!

Whenever we DO finish those books we will begin studying the book I’ve been anticipating for almost a year now: The Gospel of John.

So there’s a lot in the planning and Lord Willing we’ll get to all of it. But Tonight we finish Romans. Join us!