Truth is universal fact. When you look up the definition in the dictionary, however, you find this:

Truth is a belief accepted as fact.

That is nonsense.

You don’t accept truth AS fact; truth IS fact, whether you accept it or not. The truth about the truth is…it doesn’t care what you think. It just is. It is unrelenting, unyielding, uncompromising. It is Truth.

100 times in your Gospel record (Matthew-John), Jesus talked about truth, saying things like “this is truth…” or “truly I say…” or “verily I say” (“verily” means “truly”). And of all people, there’s no one better to use that phrase than Jesus, because His every word is truth. He prayed to the Father (for us) that we would be His disciples by submitting to God’s truth, because God’s WORD is Truth (John 17:17). But of course in John 5:24 He declared that His words were of God. His words are God’s words; His words are truth.

So whatever Jesus says to you, whatever commands He gives you, and whatever promises He makes, you can KNOW they are truth. If Jesus promises you a blessing if you do something you can KNOW you’ll get the blessing if you obey. Why? Because Jesus word IS truth.

If Jesus says to do something, and someone else says you don’t have to do it, or that it’s not necessary, that guys a liar, because Jesus word IS truth.

The truth about the truth is…it doesn’t matter what you think of it.

Humble your heart and accept it for what it is: Truth.