This is the week when people make their resolutions for the year (next week is the week they break them), so let me offer a few simple ones for those of you who are stumped about what to resolve in 2018…


A healthy relationship of any kind requires communication. If you aren’t talking to your kids you’re losing your kids. If you aren’t talking to you’re spouse your losing your spouse. Why should it be any different with God? Talk to God and He will hear and answer (Jeremiah 33:3).


Recognize that you’re not perfect and that you will make mistakes. But don’t let that recognition lead to complacency or defeatism. Just because you will sin in 2018 doesn’t mean sin must define your year. God knows you’re not going to be perfect, that’s why He gives us the avenue of repentance to be made whole once more. Don’t throw up your hands and say “It’s no use; I’m no good!” Repent and turn back to God and He’ll make you good again.


Lots of people make plans during the first week of the year. Very few stick with those plans for the whole year. Somewhere in the middle are those people who make the plans but never even bother to try following through with them. There is actually a chemical release in your brain that gives you the same sense of satisfaction when you thoroughly plan a task as when you actually DO the task. That’s dangerous! Don’t just plan to do more for the Lord this year, actually start! Be more active in your community. Be more faithful in your attendance. Be more willing to help your enemies.

Take those three as a foundation on which to build your year. And if you do, it’ll be a great one indeed.

Here’s to 2018!