In the Jewish Mishnah, it is said that there are 613 laws written in the Old Testament., and they were divided into two groups: They said there were 365 negative commands (thou shalt not…). Additionally they said there were 248 positive commands (thou shalt…).

In other words, there are as many negative commands as there are days in a year, and there are as many positive commands as there are bones in the human body.

Now how about that. God created a system in the Old Testament where every day of the year you knew what not to do, and with your whole being you knew what to do.

Even though we no longer live under the Old Testament system of laws, the principle is still there. We have a new covenant in Jesus Christ, which instructs us on what not to do and informs us of what to do, so that we can resist the devil and draw near to God.

This year I hope you will resolve to do just that: Make every day a day you say no to Satan, and with your whole body say yes to God.