Last night was the first time in a week that we were able sleep in our own beds. We returned to Guy from our trip to Washington D.C. at around 9:00pm, unloaded the car and fell into bed. It was the best sleep I’d had in ages.

The trip was long and hard (we walked 40 miles in 4 days) but ultimately very rewarding.

And yet, despite all there was to see and do in our nation’s capital, we left so much unseen and undone. The Lincoln Memorial was closed, the Washington Monument was too. We never made it to the Jefferson Memorial and many others were seen at night with poor lighting around us. We visited several great Smithsonian Museums, but we left hours of exploring behind as we raced through each building in order to see a little of everything. Several other visits—like to the National Archives (home to some of our nation’s founding documents) and the White House—had to scraped either because of time constraints or just bad logistics.

All in all we left a whole new second to DC behind…which means we’ll just have to go back again sometime. And by “we” I mean me and Lauren.


DC will probably still be there next July or the year after that, or whenever we find the opportunity to visit again. As long as it is we’ll have another chance to do what we didn’t get to do before. But of course, this world will not be here forever. There are some things that simply shouldn’t be put off. The matter of our salvation and our preparedness for Heaven is not a thing to be left undone. We must all do what needs to be done to be right with God so that when the end comes, we won’t be left wishing we could go back and do things over.

Are you right with God?


I hope you will mark your calendars and make plans to worship with us this Sunday, January 29th. It is our COMMUNITY DAY, and we are hoping to host our neighbors, family and friends to a great worship service and food immediately thereafter. Come and make the day special with us!