Today the Martin family is hitting the road, on our way to Washington D.C.

We’re not a “vacationing” family, per say: We took a disastrous trip to Disney World back in 2014, and Lauren and I have traveled to San Francisco, but for the most part the whole clan typically stays near the nest.

Nevertheless, going to Washington D.C. has always been something both Lauren and I have wanted to do, and our kids are excited about it too. We hope it will be a memorable, fun (educational without telling the kids) trip that they remember for all the right reasons.

Today will be spent driving to Nashville (with a stop in Memphis for lunch). We’ll spend the night with Lauren’s parents and then get up early tomorrow and head toward D.C.

It’s always an anxious feeling to leave home and go somewhere else. You try to pack everything you’ll need, as well as the things you think you might need…and you always forget something (or is that just us?). And no matter how much fun you have, you always miss home.

We love Guy and whenever we are away for too long we always miss it. Our love for this community (which is shared by all of us who worship with the church here) is partly why I thought about doing a COMMUNITY DAY on the last Sunday of the month. I want us to show our community how much we love them. The last Sunday of January is a 5th Sunday, so we will have our regular fellowship meal and afternoon worship. It’s the perfect opportunity to serve our neighbors and treat them to good food and great fellowship. Please make plans to be here for that—January 29th—as well as invite your friends and neighbors to come with you. Let’s give them a great day of worship, food and neighborly love!