(February 6th) God is a Spirit…and a Him

In a move that is bizarre only until you think about it, the Episcopal diocese in Washington DC voted to formally strip away any mention of masculine names or pronouns associated with God Almighty. It’s, as I said, a bizarre move considering how much of the Bible would need to be amended to accommodate it. But, as I also said, it’s only bizarre until you think about it.

I mean think about it: The entire Episcopal religion is built around amending the Bible to accommodate man’s desires. Why should this be any different? This is simply the next step in a long series of steps away from a simple “Thus says the Lord…”

So if this religion, which has never been right with God, wants to make a change like this, I welcome it. Why? Because it only further clarifies the vast difference between me and them. We both claim Jesus as the Son of God, but beyond that big issue, a million differences exist. A change like this, which speaks to the very nature of God Himself, is enough of a contrast that there should be no doubt that I exist on a different side of the religious fence than they do.

Now I’m not happy about that. I would love for unity among all believers to exist. But I recognize that such unity can only exist if we take the Bible as Word at its word. And that means recognizing that God is a Spirit, but He’s also a He. He gave Himself that pronoun descriptor, so we must accept it and not seek to change it to accommodate the sinful world that we’re trying to draw people out of.


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