God has all knowledge. God has all power. God is everywhere. God is over everything.

But there is one thing the God who has everything doesn’t have, and in fact He doesn’t have it because He gave it to you.

Your will.

You have the power to choose what you will do. We call it “free” will, because no matter what tactics people may use to coerce you, no one can make you consciously do something you don’t first choose to do.

You are free to act and to do, for good or for ill. That’s a freedom God gave to you. And for that God, the all powerful God, asks you to obey Him.

He doesn’t make you. He doesn’t force you.

He asks you.

And think about this: When you choose to obey Him, you use your freedom to do what He wants. You essentially give Him back the will He gave you. You give Him your will, so that He really and truly has everything.

That’s what total submission to Christ means. That’s what it means to make Christ “Lord” in your life.