(December 4th) Nine ladies dancing

Lady #1: Eve, who danced with wonder at the promise that her Descendant would be the Messiah (Her “first sin” would be saved by that Descendant).

Lady #2: Sarah, who danced with amazement that she was the matriarch of the Savior’s line (She laughed at first, but not for long).

Lady #3: Rahab, who danced with relief that God spared her life (She eventually married an Israelite and became King David’s great-great-great-grandmother).

Lady #4: Ruth, who danced with twitterpation at the thrill of new love (She became the daughter-in-law to Rahab).

Lady #5: Esther, who danced…literally…with skill and won the title of Queen (She used her powers as Queen to save the Jewish people).

Lady #6: Elizabeth, who danced with excitement that she would have a son (John would be the Messiah’s forerunner)

Lady #7: Mary, who danced with gratitude that God had gifted her a Son (a gift she would later have to share with the whole sinful world).

Lady #8 The Other Mary, who danced with joy that her Lord had healed her from possession by seven demons (just one of Jesus’ many miracles)

Lady #9: Mary Magdalene, who danced with triumph after she realized her Savior was risen (His resurrection was her–and our–hope).



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