guyThis Sunday is New Years Day. It’s a day when people resolve to start fresh with their lives, correct mistakes they can’t seem to overcome and fix things in their lives they want to improve.

Start that new journey in your life by holding God’s hand. Resolve to start your year, and your week—every week—with worship to God, reflection on His word and fellowship with His children.

This Sunday we’re going to be considering the idea that our whole lives really boil down to a few key moments of truth where we face a fork in the road. In these moments, which direction we go will ultimately determine, not only the life we will live, but also the final dwelling place of our eternal soul. Join us as we discuss some characters in the Bible, and their moments of truth, while also seeing how ours can be very similar.

Bible class is at 10am, worship is at 11am.

See you then!