Well it is officially the Christmas season. Sure some of us have had our tree up for a month now, but we can’t all be me.

This is the time of year when people do a little more, smile a little more and help a little more.

Charitable donations across the board increase almost 100% this month compared to the previous eleven. People are just more selfless this time of year.

And when you ask a person why they are so nice and kind, they will say “It’s Christmas” as though that’s the most obvious answer in the world.

Far be it for me to put a damper on someone’s holiday do-gooding, but I’d like to offer an alternative explanation for why we should do kind things: Instead of “it’s Christmas” let’s say “It’s Christian.”

The Christmas season will be over in a month, and for many people that’ll be the time when the smiles dim and the kind deeds disappear. If we base every good deed we do around a seasonal holiday we won’t be doing very many good deeds in the long run. But if we focus our lives on the Christian spirit…well, that’s a season that lasts forever.

Enjoy the holiday season, and do good to your neighbors.

It’s the Christian thing to do!