We’ve tried to find some spiritual connection to each of the emblems of the 12 days of Christmas. Now we come to the sixth, and you’re probably thinking “how’s he gonna get something religious out of six geese?”

Ye of little faith!

Think about it. The geese aren’t laying “down,” they are laying “eggs.” That’s a symbol of life and creation. Combine that with our number “six” and you have a picture of the creation of the universe, made in six days.


There’s more to it than that of course. At the end of creation–on the sixth day–man was made and he was perfect and sinless. Through sin man’s relationship with God was tarnished and in need of restoration. In the meantime, Satan and his followers try to live without God. They try to be their own gods, which is probably the meaning behind “666” since “6” is commonly thought of as the number of man (in much the same way “7” is thought of as the number of God). Three sixes is man’s futile attempt to mimic the perfect three-part nature of God.

But whether you are thinking of 6 or 666, the number brings to mind the relationship between God and His creation. It’s a relationship lost in sin, but regained through Christ and His death on the cross.