Weekly Articles

(May 19th) A call to arms…

Regardless of your opinion on this war or that, there is one near-universally held belief in our modern times: Americans have an unwavering devotion to the men and women who serve them.  One thing America holds out with pride to the other nations is her willingness to serve […]

(May 12th) Why preach?

First let’s set the stage.

The Apostle Paul has been run out of town. In Philippi (Acts 16) he converts many, including a woman named Lydia and a jailor.

After a short stint in jail, he heads to Thessalonica (Acts 17:1), preaches the Gospel, perturbs the Jews, and is persecuted with […]

(May 5th) Nothing but the Blood

For this is my blood

of the new testament,

which is shed for many

for the remission of sins.

(Matthew 26:28)


All of us can appreciate and understand – if only on a purely instinctual level – the significance of blood.

Observe the reaction of  a small child the next time he falls and scraps […]

(April 28th) The Main Man

The Marshall Plan (Google it kids!) was introduced to send aid and support to Europe after the 2nd World War. President Truman took a lot of heat for it, but instead of throwing the blame to his Sec of State, George Marshall, he said  “the buck stops here.”

In other […]

(April 21st) Where you there when they crucified my Lord…

Christianity is an intellectually-derived religion, with facts to be believed and commands to be obeyed. It is also an emotionally-stimulated religion: The REASON you obey the commands and the REASON to you turn your entire life over to a Man named Jesus is because you become emotionally invested […]

(April 14th) The gift of the Holy Spirit

Without question, few topics have spawned more debate that those related to the Person, power and work of the Holy Spirit.

First things first: The Holy Spirit is not an “it.”  It is no more appropriate to refer to the Holy Spirit as an “it” than it is to call […]