Daily Devos

(June 22nd) There is no opposite of Grace

Here’s an idea worth exploring: God is not totally neutral; He leans toward mercy.

We deserve to go to Hell, but (through Jesus) God grants us Heaven. Because we don’t deserve something so good but we get it anyway, we call it Grace.

But have you ever considered that there is […]

(June 20th) Get ready to go BACK to the FRONTIER

Join us next Sunday morning at 10am for the start of our Vacation Bible School here at Guy.

We’re going to be studying trailblazers of the faith by looking at some great Bible characters and the loyalty they showed God in the midst of difficult circumstances. We have some great […]

(June 19th) Does He ask little?

How much did God give to us?

How much do we give?

On Sunday mornings around the world, brethren gather together and take up a collection to support spiritual work. We sometimes (and I’m guilty of this too) hear people leading a prayer, before the contribution is collected, that goes something […]

(June 16th) Final Full Day of Camp

Today we gathered around the fire ring (where there is not fire…just a big pole) to sing sleepy songs to each other at the beginning of our final full day of camp. Lots of activities await us today as we get ready for the always-crazy “last night” of camp.

Also […]

(June 15th) Surgery

I’m writing this post on the night before my surgery, but Lord Willing, by the time you read this I will had my knee operation and everything will have gone smoothly.

Prayers appreciated, nontheless.

(June 14th) Camp day three

Today has been beautiful. Clear skies, a pleasant breeze and happy spirits have made for a good mid-point to our week. A great class and discussion on the topic of weeping and rejoicing with our friends who weep and rejoice was had this morning, followed by great singing and […]