Daily Devos

(January 17th) Tonight

Join us tonight for a study of the final verses of John 3.

In it, the Pharisees try to drive a wedge between Jesus and John the Baptist, two preachers of the Gospel with the same goal, whose followers were being encouraged to choose sides between them.

That’s not God’s way.

Tonight […]

(January 16th) The Flood…a picture of punishment

Yesterday we looked at the least-considered aspect of the Flood account. Now let’s consider the most-often discussed part of it.

Most people when they look at the Flood of Noah’s day they think “God punished the wicked world.” That’s exactly right, but consider just what exactly God did.

The flood was […]

(January 15th) The Flood…a picture of creation

When people study and reflect on the great flood of Noah’s day, the symbolism of the event is rarely overlooked. It’s easy to see, after all. The flood is a great reminder of Gods’ willingness to punish sinners and spare the faithful. There’s another symbol to be studied, however, […]

(January 12th) This Sunday

Join us this coming Lord’s day as we discuss our “Understanding” God.

Not only can we know God, but God knows us too. That shouldn’t be a cause for worry, but of comfort.

See you then!

(January 11th) The Lord our Lord is One…

The three ways in which God manifests Himself are forever united.
Hear, O Israel: The Lord our God is one Lord

Deuteronomy 6:4
It’s hard to wrap the mind around but God is one God who has three personas, each one having His own mind yet each mind in perfect harmony with […]

(January 10th) Tonight

Join us tonight as we begin the end of our study of John chapter three.

We’ve learned a lot from Jesus’ conversation with Nicodemus and we’ll study the final verses of it this evening.

The rest of John three gives us insight into the ministry of Jesus relative to John the […]