(March 22nd) When God opens a door…He usually has two more just in case

I always thought the idea that “God opens doors of opportunity for us” was only ever half-taught.

Of course God opens doors for us. He is our Shepherd and we are His sheep; naturally He will herd us to green grass and still water. But the thing about sheep is…sheep […]

(March 20th) Rewards on Everything

I was at Office Depot the other day and they had a sign offering “Rewards on Everything” and I thought to myself “self…as a preacher you should be able to do something with that.”

And so I shall, with two simple words:
God too.
Office Depot has rewards for everything, well God […]

(March 19th) Your righteousness is not right enough

You know what really cheeses me off? When people post spiritual/inspirational quotes on Facebook but don’t actually live spiritual or righteous lives.

I mean I’m not saying “unless you’re perfect you can’t post a Bible quote on Facebook.” Actually I’m saying something that’s almost the opposite of that. Here’s the […]

(March 15th) Thoughts on this Ides of March

Today is the fifteenth of March, and if you know anything about Roman history (or if you paid attention that one day in Literature), you know that means this is the day Julius Caesar ate it. He was killed by a conspiracy involving enemies and friends alike, men who […]

(March 13th) Allow the little children to come to Me…do not deny them

I chase rabbits.

Often I will find myself watching one YouTube video, only to stumble upon a “recommended” video after that. Ten recommended videos later and I’ve gone from “ten reasons why Batman is the best” to “six ways to tell you might have appendicitis.”

The other day, while mid-way through […]

(March 12th) “Is church over?”

After worship last night, Joshua asked me: “Is church over?”

He spoke them as soon as the prayer had ended. It was about 6:45pm on Sunday evening. The brethren were about to stand and visit with one another before shuffling out the doors.

But church wasn’t over.

A lot of people (myself […]