(July 19th) Absence makes the heart grow fonder

I made this point during the sermon last Sunday night. We were talking about “random things” and I said “if presence is the opposite of absence, and absence makes the heart grow fonder, what does presence make?”

The answer?
Familiarity breeds contempt!
I was joking of course, because the fact is after […]

(July 17th) This world is not my home

As I said yesterday, we’re homeless. Sure, sure, we have places to stay (my parents’ farm, some brethren in Batesville), and come the first of August we’ll have our rent house secured and that will be our house for the next few years before we (Lord Willing) decide to […]

(July 16th) All our possessions…

We finally closed on our house today. We are officially homeless.

Most of our stuff is at a storage facility in Greenbrier. It’s a surreal sight to see all that we have to our name all in one place, and all able to fit inside two moderately sized tin boxes. […]

(July 12th) Get your head in the clouds!

As a kid I was a chronic day-dreamer. I still am. Often I’ll find myself busy working on a task one minute and then, without knowing when or how it happened, ten minutes will have passed and I’ll be off in my head dwelling on some random thing that […]

(July 10th) You can’t stop a gossip, but you can stop yourself

Gossip is an ugly thing.

It’s often excused and justified by the perpetrator as “just saying what I heard” as if defining Gossip without using the word “gossip” somehow excuses the action. Just saying what you heard is gossip! That’s the problem!

If you hear something about someone else you need […]

(July 9th) Saying goodbye isn’t getting any easier

We move out this Friday.

That’s a crazy thought. We’ve been in our house in Guy since early 2012 and before a few months ago there was never a thought in my head that we’d live anywhere else Nevertheless, here we are.

We’ve been saying a lot of goodbyes over the […]