America has become a country of extremes. One portion of our population goes hard to the one side of a view and the other portion is compelled to go to the other side with the same extremism. A liberal position begins to gain steam, so the conservative alternative is formed and it presents itself to be as much of the opposite of the liberal position as possible. The same thing happens when a conservative position takes hold; the liberal position appears and it runs as far in the opposite direction as it can. Once that happens, a propaganda campaign takes hold as leaders of both extremes seek to gather followers as close to their extreme position as possible. The middle disappears and we’re left with a country as divided as we’ve ever been not counting the Civil War.

It is easy to get caught up following the fight, and its also easy to join in on one side or the other.

We must remember who we are. Jesus calls us to rise above the petty battles of this world. He calls for us to be opposed to hateful speech, smear campaigns, cruel rhetoric and such like. We’re supposed to be above the fray. We’re supposed to simply do what Jesus said.

Standing with Jesus and not worrying about the political ramifications sometimes that means people on one extreme side are going to agree with us, while the other side hates us. Standing with Jesus also means that we will agree with one viewpoint held by one side, and another viewpoint held by the other side. That’s when both sides start firing shots at us.

So be it: Our goal is not to seek agreement from men

For do I now persuade men, or God? or do I seek to please men? for if I yet pleased men, I should not be the servant of Christ.

Galatians 1:10

If we get caught up trying to be on this side or that side we will fail to be on Jesus’ side. Or goal is to do what He desires, come what may.

We’re not called to be liberal or conservative. We’re called to be Christians. Being Christians (and Christians only) usually means that both sides will try to recruit us to their team and both teams will attack us for not being on their side. Never forget that you belong to Christ, and that means that every other “side” or “team” out there is really working for Satan, whether they realize it or not.

Let’s stand with Christ, not man.

God bless!