With school back in session, it’s bound to happen that some child, somewhere, is going to get bullied.

Always remember what Paul wrote…

Recompense to no man evil for evil. Provide things honest in the sight of all men.
Romans 12:17

The phrase we often hear when we talk about being attacked is “be the bigger person.” The idea is that we are the “bigger man” for not fighting back.

We tell our kids “be the bigger person…” and while it is good that we don’t fight back, our attitude should not be “I won’t retaliate because I’m the bigger person” because that attitude replaces one sin (vengeance) with another (arrogance).

We aren’t the bigger person. We are all equal.

Just because the bully doesn’t see it that way doesn’t give us license to stop treating him like an equal. He may think he’s better than you when he bullies you, but he’s not. He’s your equal. And when you are bullied, you don’t fight back. Why? Not because you’re better than him, but because you are equal to him and he doesn’t deserve your vengeance anymore than you deserve his bullying. You’re not his judge, jury and executioner. God is. Give it to God and He will handle it accordingly (Romans 12:19).

In the meantime, let’s teach our children to feel sorry for whatever has made the bully act the way he does. Let’s teach our children to pray for the bully and pray that he stop picking on others. Let’s teach our children to remember that violence is NEVER the answer and that Jesus would have us love. What we learn from this verse is that we are not supposed to take matters into our own hands. Our children need to talk to teachers, counselors, certainly parents and of course God, but the mindset of “if he starts it you finish it” is ungodly and sets the child on the wrong path.