(August 14th) Back to School

Today children all over began a new school term. Some are beginning school for the first time in kindergarten, others are kicking off their final year of school as seniors.

Whatever and however you find yourself as a student or as the parent of a student this year, our prayer is that you will lean on God for guidance, protection and calmness.

Our prayers are also with the teachers and administrators who are going to be working so hard to ensure that our schools are comfortable and enriching environments where kids can be themselves, and be given the knowledge to help them grow into the leaders of tomorrow.

Also a special prayer goes out to the parents and kids who are homeschooling this year. Private education brings its own blessings and challenges and we hope that you will succeed in bringing your children up in a positive and intellectually-stimulating way.

As for us in the Martin household: We watched our two older boys begin their fifth and third grade years today. Ask my wife if she’s happy to see our young ones growing up and she’ll say…

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